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What is Duly?

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Duly is a digital health startup that's

revolutionizing contraception care for women in India.


We're on a mission to simplify and personalize judgement-free and discreet care for contraception, using medical science and AI.

Our vision is to enable women in India to get the right care without any hassle or fear of judgement, to take greater control of and make informed decisions about their sexual & reproductive health, and to achieve their health and life goals.

Why we do what we do

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Population in India
>1.4 Billion
Young people < 30 
>0.7 Billion
Access to sex ed
Condom use 
Young, unmarried women denied access based on marital status

India has the largest population of young people in the world. But less than 15% have access to sex education.


And less than 14% urban men use a condom, so contraception is seen as "a woman’s responsibility".


But due to the strong stigma around sex, young women are often judged for getting contraception, especially if they are unmarried. 

So at Duly, we are simplifying access to judgment-free and discreet care for contraception and personalizing the journey for women, using medical science and AI. 

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Our approach

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The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests:

Making Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) readily available, with accurate instructions, will help to reduce any risk of incorrect use or overuse, and will encourage appropriate follow-up and contraceptive use.

That's exactly what we're doing at Duly!

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Who's behind Duly

Duly is female-led and founded, with strong experience of over 20 years in Contraception, Women's Healthcare, and Technology.


Our team includes medical experts, technologists, marketers, designers, partners, and investors.

Besides their professional superpowers, what brings them all together is the deep care and passion for our vision, represented by the "heart" that is at the centre of our logo, and everything that we do here at Duly.

This care and passion, powered by medical science, AI, and obsessive focus on customer happiness, creates the magic that is Duly. 

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Our exciting collaborations

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